It’s parade time again in East Hardwick, and we are putting on another week of free community workshops. This time, we’re building games and booths to create a Kid-Powered Street Fair. Theater workshops will convert local children into Carnies and, thanks to the magic of paper-mache and cardboard, the East Hardwick town green will transform into a homemade fair.

And! The East Hardwick Parade Band is rehearsing every Thursday at 7 night until Parade day (June 12th). All abilities & all instruments welcome.

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And! Here is an up to date listing of all public performances this summer:

6/26 11 am Punch and Judy, Queechee Public Library (rain date 6/27)

6/26 3 pm Punch and Judy, on the Thetford Green (rain date 6/27)

7/7 11 am Punch and Judy, Putney Public Library (rain date 7/12)

7/7 5 pm Punch and Judy, Rockingham Public Library (rain date 7/12)

7/9 2 pm Punch and Judy, Centennial Library, Morrisville

7/16 4 pm Punch and Judy at the Barnet Public Library

7/21-25 Vermont Vaudeville at the Highland Center for the Arts

7/28 1 pm Punch and Judy, Haston Library, Franklin

7/31 Punch and Judy and special appearances by Safetly Officer Jim Festival of Fools, Burlington

8/3 Punch and Judy, Greensboro Free Library

8/6 11 am Punch and Judy, Cobleigh Library, Lyndonville (rain date 8/12)

8/7 Evicted Vaudeville at Murph’s Barn, Waterbury

8/8 Evicted Vaudeville at Mount Foolery, Charlotte

8/11 7 Punch and Judy and a Pie Auction, Westmore

8/14 4 pm Punch and Judy, Plainfield, VT (rain date 8/15)

8/28 Evicted Vaudeville at the Celebration Barn Theater, South Paris, ME

9/5 Evicted Vaudeville at the Mace Chasm Farm, Keesville, NY

9/11 Punch and Judy, Feast of Fools, Montpelier

9/16-19 Punch and Judy, Tunbridge Worlds Fair

9/26 Punch and Judy, Highland Center for the Arts, Greensboro

If you are interested in bringing our show to your town, visit our booking and contact page.