Modern Times Theater has been making and touring puppet shows, variety acts, and novelty music, and creating public community events since 2007.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see our collaboration with two of our heros, Tom Murphy and Tomáš Kubínek. See the schedule below for details on where and when.


Here is an up to date listing of all PUBLIC performances this summer:

7/31 2:30 & 4:30 Punch and Judy at Festival of Fools, Burlington in City Hall Park

8/3 Punch and Judy, Greensboro Free Library

8/6 11 am Punch and Judy, Cobleigh Library, Lyndonville (rain date 8/12)

8/7 Evicted Vaudeville at Murph’s Barn, Waterbury

8/8 Evicted Vaudeville at Mount Foolery, Charlotte

8/11 7pm Punch and Judy and a Pie Auction, Westmore

8/13 5pm Rockingham Library, Bellows Falls

8/14 4 pm Punch and Judy, Plainfield, VT (rain date 8/15)

8/18 3:30 Punch and Judy, Albany Library

8/28 Evicted Vaudeville at the Celebration Barn Theater, South Paris, ME

9/5 Evicted Vaudeville at the Mace Chasm Farm, Keesville, NY

9/11 Punch and Judy, Feast of Fools, Montpelier

9/16-19 Punch and Judy, Tunbridge Worlds Fair

9/26 Punch and Judy, Highland Center for the Arts, Greensboro

If you are interested in bringing our show to your town, visit our booking and contact page.