Junk Music

In this workshop, participants will learn to make a variety of functioning musical instruments from common household items and garbage, such as drinking straw oboes, tin can drums, sap tube kazoos, shopping bag horns, and tin fiddles. In small ensembles and as solo performers, participants are guided through an exploration of the uses of non-traditional sound.

This workshop can be tailored to varying age groups.

Get Cranky

Participants will learn how to make homemade paper movies; hand-cranked illustrated scrolls. We will work with students to write and illustrate original stories for group or individual performances. The crankies themselves are made of recycled materials and can be used again and again. Said one parent of a workshop attendee, “The house is filling up with crankies. They love making new ones!”

Ages 7 and up.

Let’s make a Puppet Show!

In answer to the most frequently asked question by parents, “How do you make a puppet show?”, we provide this exciting workshop for all ages. Participants in small groups or alone, are guided through the process of inventing a puppet show. At the end of the workshop, participants get to perform for each other and their parents in a fun and relaxed environment.

This workshop can be tailored for varying age groups. For older groups a puppet-building component and be added.