“Punch’s Predicament”

Appropriate for all ages; ideal for libraries, schools, or community events.
Our ever-changing and constantly evolving hand puppet melodrama
chronicles the misadventures of Mr. Punch, the world’s best-loved and most rascally hand puppet, who keeps trying hard to be healthy, but always gets it wrong.  With help from smart children and their smart parents, Mr. Punch learns to tell left from right and right from incorrect.
This is hand-puppetry at its best in a style that has entertained children for centuries.  The program includes a two-person orchestra, specializing in early jazz music and American folk songs played on the cornet, ukulele, upright bass, and bicycle pump.

“Punch’s Predicament” is themed for the Collaborative Summer Library Program. Modern Times Theater is on the Vermont Department of Libraries Grant Performer list.

Hot Ginger and Dynamite!

This is a complete program for the whole family: perfect for festivals, fairs and town hall style community events. Showcasing Lander and Friedman’s best work with Vermont Vaudeville, the program features the musical wonders of the shepherd’s crook cornet, cigar-box ukulele, string bass, and bicycle pump. Friedman and Lander choose from their treasure trove of hilarious and outrageous novelty music numbers. The program also features an original live “silent movie”.