The Perils of Mr. Punch

Mobile, pandemic-proof theater!

This updated classic follows the troubles and travails of puppetry’s favorite loudmouth, Mr. Punch. Nothing ever goes right– his dog looks suspiciously like a skunk, his baby doesn’t behave, and crocodiles appear around every corner. Currently Mr.  Punch is being harassed by a sneezing virus.  The skillfully operated hand puppets are made of garbage and up-cycled material, and are chock full of surprises and tricks, as is the elaborate stage. For outdoor covid-safe shows we created now perform in a mobile puppet stage.

Whether virtual or live, this ever-evolving saga changes with the seasons and is always fresh, with new gags and puppets constantly joining the cast.  By taking the best from the long tradition of Punch and Judy shows, and bringing the art form into the 21st century, this classic remains alive, vital, and hysterical to both children and adults today. 

Improvisation is a key part of every performance, making each show unique.  This allows Rose and Justin to adapt the show for a variety of audiences, from large groups of kids at camps, schools, or birthday parties, to more adult audiences at performing art centers or small theaters.

The show is rounded out with live music played on a variety of instruments, from the cornet to the bicycle pump. It’s a low-tech old-time spectacle, entertaining to children of all ages: from one to one hundred.

Auctioneer Services

Justin has been providing auctioneer services for charitable events since 2006. Whether for town libraries, major non-profit annual funds or activist fundraisers, he will auction pies, art, or services in a humorous and thoroughly entertaining manner. His current record is a $215 bluebarb pie.