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The Hardwick Gazette calls us “Artful, original and delightful”!   Read on below for more . . .

“Modern Times Theater a vaudevillian enterprise, part funny-serious puppets, part jaunty live 1920s band, part serious social critique, part shenanigans.” (2/14/13, WBUR Boston, Greg Cook)

“One of my favorite memories of the first trip I took to Europe was to see a Punch and Judy show in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.  Wonderfully animated and ridiculous, it appealed equally to children and adults in a tradition that stretched back centuries.  Now Justin Lander and Rose Friedman have recreated this delightful art in four different Saturday afternoon performances this month, chronicling the Perils of Mr. Punch in imaginative and original adventures.” (11/12/14, Hardwick Gazette, David Rogers)

“THANK YOU for these shows, you create wonderful, soul feeding, hilarious work.” (audience member)

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