UPCOMING PERFORMANCES We are having a baby, and will be taking a break from performing for the winter.  Our next show will be VERMONT VAUDEVILLE, MAY 8 & 9 at the Hardwick Town House.

We recently received a Green Mountain Fund grant from the Vermont Community Foundation to present a series of kids’ puppet shows in downtown Hardwick throughout the month of November. The shows brought astounding crowds of screaming children– our dream come true!

“The Perils of Mr. Punch” is booking this summer in YOUR school/library/backyard . . . “The Perils of Mr. Punch” follows the troubles and travails of puppetry’s favorite loudmouth, Mr. Punch.  This is hand-puppetry at its best in a style that has entertained children for centuries.  It addition to the puppet show, the program also features live music, sing-a-longs, classic jokes and gags, and audience participation.