Puppet shows, comedy, and music for everyone.

Modern Times Theater delights crowds with a fresh take on the entertainment styles of the past, including novelty music, handmade puppetry, and classic comedy. Husband and wife performers Justin Lander and Rose Friedman have been adapting and updating Punch and Judy shows, and performing original variety acts with Vermont Vaudeville for over a decade. They strive to present quality entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.

We are responding to COVID-19 with a variety of safe entertainment options, including socially distanced live performances, do-it-yourself puppetry kits, and live stream puppet shows.


Live curbside entertainment with Punch and Judy

We are traveling this season with a short, mobile puppet show, available for outdoor performances, at a safe social distance.

The one and only Punch and Judy, presented live, in your driveway. Allow Mr. Punch to deftly remove your bad mood, whilst he exhausts your child! Gawk as Judy struggles to balance a checkbook before being eaten by a carnivore! Feast your eyes upon the diaper change that should not be! It’s a melodrama of epically small proportions, and it’s so funny that you’ll forget to take out your phone.

The hand puppets are created from up-cycled designer trash and performed in an eccentric itinerant puppet stage. The show is hosted per tradition by a “bottler”, the uku-lady Rose Friedman. Justin Lander, showman of the absurd, portrays all the characters. This 20-minute program includes live music played on a variety of instruments, from the cornet to the bicycle pump. It’s a low-tech old-time spectacle, entertaining to people of all ages: from one to one hundred.


For a small donation of $10-25, we are offering a downloadable copy of our brand new book “How to Make a Puppet Show”, which you can print at home, or read on a screen!  For donations of over $25, we will send you the “Puppet Show Action Pack”, an exciting  kit for making your own puppetry fun, which includes instructional booklets on puppet making, stage building, and junk instruments, as well as kazoos, stickers, paper puppet templates, and handmade finger puppets. Click the donate button on this page to link to our paypal, where you can leave a note with the address where you wish to receive your action pack. Thanks for your support!