We are busy this summer: junk instrument making, kids’ puppet shows, Vaudeville fun, and a nursing baby at every show!

THE ODYSSEY OF MR. PUNCH: A trilogy!  Mr. Punch, undertakes an epic journey home to his queen, Judy, conquering many obstacles long the way. The program features live music, sing-a-longs, classic jokes, gags and audience participation.

June 26th at 10am Jeudevine Library, Hardwick

July 3rd at 10am, Greensboro Free Library

July 10th at 10am, Craftsbury Library

July 16th, Junk Instrument making workshop at Jeudevine Library

July 29th, Music and Comedy at the Westmore Town Hall

July 31st at the Glover Library at 10am and at the Barton Library at 1:30pm

August 8th at Derby Line Day

August 19th and 20th at the Orleans County Fair

August 29th, Buffalo Mountain Co-op’s 40th Birthday Party in Hardwick